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Mr Gaseb Alotibi

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Behavioural Monitoring for Network Communications

People are the principal factor in the use of computer systems; however they are also considered a major threat. Misuse of computer systems, deception and information leakage are all notable examples. Indeed, a recent survey has highlighted insider misuse, leakage of sensitive information and unauthorised access to the system represent 78%, 61% and 47% respectively of all threats for large organisations. Richards argued "Authorized users with a level of organizational trust, who are doing legitimate activities with malicious intent, pose the biggest threat". In recent years, research has become more focused upon developing security tools to enable organisations to mitigate information misuse, for example, Security Information and Event Management (SIEM) and Data Loss Prevention (DLP) tools. However, such approaches still suffer serious limitations, such as reliably identifying misuse. Having identified misuse, the next problem is attribution. Being able to identify individuals from network traffic using biometric-based approaches, rather than unreliable hardware identifiers (e.g. IP address) can provide a more robust approach to associating misuse to the individuals responsible.
The MPhil phase will focus upon developing an understanding of the current state of the art within the specific and associated domain. This will include research into insider misuse, data loss prevention, intrusion detection systems, traffic analysis, biometrics and visualisation. This phase of the project will also undertake a preliminary experiment into the examination of network-based data for the purposes of identifying possible behavioural features that could be useful in the detection of insider misuse, information leakage, deception, industrial espionage or the identification of individuals. Whilst it is not envisaged this project will seek to solve all these issues, the project scope is purposefully being left open until after the preliminary experiments and literature review phases are completed.

Mr Gaseb Alotibi

Director of studies: Prof. Nathan L Clarke
Other supervisors: Prof. Steven M Furnell, Dr Fudong Li

Journal papers

Identifying Users by Network Traffic Metadata
Alotibi G, Clarke NL, Li F, Furnell SM
International Journal of Chaotic Computing, Volume 4, Issue 2, 2016
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1 Journal papers

Conference papers

User profiling from network traffic via novel application-level interactions
Alotibi G, Clarke NL, Li F, Furnell SM
11th International Conference for Internet Technology and Secured Transactions (ICITST), pp 279-285, Barcelona, Spain, 2016
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Forensic Investigation of Network Traffic: A Study into the Derivation of Application-Level features from Network-Level Metadata
Li F, Clarke NL, Alotibi G, Joy D
6th Annual International Conference on ICT: Big data, Could and Security (ICT-BDCS 2015), 27-28 July, ISSN: 2382-5669, pp68-73, 2015
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Behavioral-Based Feature Abstraction from Network Traffic
Alotibi G, Li F, Clarke NL, Furnell SM
10th International Conference on Cyber warfare and Security, Kruger National Park, South Africa, 24-25 March, pp1-9, ISBN 978-1-910309-97-1, 2015
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3 Conference papers


A Framework of User Identification From Network Traffic
Alotibi G, Clarke NL, Furnell SM, Li F
Proceedings of The 8th Saudi Students Conference, January 31 - February 1, 2015
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