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The CSCAN Network has been established to facilitate research co-operation with other academic institutions.

The first node was established at the University of Applied Sciences, Darmstadt in 2004, with a number of participating academic staff and active research projects. In June 2007, the Centre for Applied Internet Research (CAIR) at Glyndwr University joined as an adjunct node. In June 2010 the Furtwangen University of Applied Sciences joined as our second full node with Frankfurt University of Applied Sciences joining in February 2015.

Full details of the staff and students under the CSCAN network can be found on our people page.

Darmstadt Node

The h_da University of Applied Sciences, Darmstadt is located in a focal region of Germany the Rhein-Main area, being one of the economically strongest regions of the country. The university was founded in 1971 and offers modern and innovative study programs to over 10,000 students.

Details for potential students under this collaborative agreement can be found here.

Frankfurt Node

The Frankfurt Node partner is the Centre of Competence for Computer Networks and Distributed Systems (CCNDS) at the Frankfurt University of Applied Sciences, starting February 2015.

The Frankfurt University of Applied Sciences offers practice-oriented study programs of a high academic standard, opening the way to a broad range of attractive professions. Our international orientation, having partnerships with 60 universities worldwide, smooths the way to the global job market.

The four faculties and over 30 study programs reflect the academic profile of our university. The broad range of study programs is being continually supplemented and extended to include a range of future-oriented subjects. The application-oriented research gears education to the realities of professional life.

Through our occupational study programs and postgraduate programs, professionals can further qualify themselves, doing "Lifelong Learning", to fulfil the ever-increasing demands of their professional fields.

In Frankfurt am Main, one of the foremost financial centres in Europe, about 12,500 students can enjoy an energetic social and cultural life on and off campus, in the city itself or in the surrounding Rhein/Main region.

Details for potential students under this collaborative agreement can be found here.

Furtwangen Node

Furtwangen University (HFU) is not only the highest located university in Germany, but it also is considered by its students and the business community to be one of the top learning institutions in Germany. With eight academic departments and 35 accredited courses of study at the three locations in Furtwangen, Villingen-Schwenningen and Tuttlingen, the university offers diverse course offerings in the areas of engineering sciences, information technology, international business, business information technology, industrial engineering, media and health sciences. Study abroad and internships are a permanent part of the curriculum.

The students profit from the partnership with more than 130 international universities as well as close cooperation with regional and international companies. Thanks to its own research activities the newest scientific discoveries flow directly into the studies. The students receive excellent support. Small study groups and the personal contact to the instructors guarantee maximum success. Modern laboratories and workplaces as well as the leading scientific library in Germany are part of the outstanding facilities which are available to all HFU students.

Details for potential students under this collaborative agreement can be found here.

Wrexham Node

The Centre for Applied Internet Research (CAIR) at the Glyndwr University in Wrexham, Wales, joined the CSCAN Network as an adjunct node in June 2007.