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In 2014, we launched our open-access repository which offers full text access to conference proceedings from many of our events including the INC and HAISA series. These papers are free to access and distribute (subject to citing the source).

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Ninth International Network Conference (INC 2012)

Ninth International Network Conference (INC 2012)
Port Elizabeth, South Africa, July 11-12, 2012
ISBN: 978-1-84102-315-1

Title: Communications system for a solar car
Author(s): John N Davies, Mike Payne, Phil Evans, Graham Sparey-Taylor, Natalia Rvachova, Oleh Korkh, Vic Grout
Reference: pp93-102
Keywords: Solar car; Automotive UI; dashboard GUI; sensor network; Solar Car Monitoring; VoIP; WiMax; IEEE802.16; Wifi; IEEE802.11g/n.
Abstract: This paper is intended to outline a project that will take place in order to produce a working interface and communications system for a solar car and its support vehicles. The system will be required to gather data from the cars sensors whilst displaying it to the driver in real time and transmitting the data to additional vehicles. Additionally voice contact is required between the vehicles. Progress information that has been collected must be stored and the appropriate web site updated when conditions permit. The specialized requirements of the computer software and hardware for the Team Gwawr solar car will also be considered.
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