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In 2014, we launched our open-access repository which offers full text access to conference proceedings from many of our events including the INC and HAISA series. These papers are free to access and distribute (subject to citing the source).

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Ninth International Network Conference (INC 2012)

Ninth International Network Conference (INC 2012)
Port Elizabeth, South Africa, July 11-12, 2012
ISBN: 978-1-84102-315-1

Title: Extending cognitive fit theory towards understanding wireless network security management in small organisations
Author(s): Kennedy Njenga, Nsovo Manganyi
Reference: pp103-112
Keywords: Cognitive Fit, Wireless Network Security, Small Organisations
Abstract: While large organisations effectively manage wireless network security through implementation of proper control procedures, anecdotal evidence suggest that smaller organisations lack such capacity (cognitive fit). The paper extends Cognitive Fit Theory as a theoretical lens towards understanding smaller organisations perceptions. In this paper we argue that the incapacity for small businesses to adequately deal with emergent wireless network security threats is as a result of a lack of match between understanding threats (problem representation) and how to mitigate against these threats (problem solving performance). The outcome of the paper is the development of a theoretical model that presents the perception of wireless network security threats from small organisations. The research takes specific focus on wireless network threats posed through war-driving under environments such as the 802.11x. From qualitative data analysis, empirical work confirms that smaller organisations exhibited lack of cognitive fit, in wireless network security management.
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