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A Response-Oriented Taxonomy of IT System Intrusions
Papadaki M, Furnell SM, Lines BL, Reynolds PL
Proceedings of
Euromedia 2002, Modena, Italy, 15-17 April, pp87-95, 2002
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The ability to select and initiate appropriate response(s) is an issue that is often neglected in Intrusion Detection Systems (IDS). In order to address the problem, a means is required to consider different potential security breaches, the differing contexts in which they may occur, and the differing potential consequences. Current intrusion taxonomies have limited application in this regard, considering categories of intrusions that could not be detected by an IDS, or representing potential results in too few dimensions to enable any fine-grain selection of response options. This paper presents an overview of a new taxonomy, which is specifically targeted towards enabling the consideration of responses. A number of generic incident and target categories are identified, encompassing the most common forms of intrusion/attack and the contexts in which they may occur. An assessment of the likely results is then presented in each case, considering the security impacts, the time available to respond, and further potential attacks that may be initiated as a result. By encompassing alternative targets, and considering multi-dimensional results, the taxonomy provides a means of differentiating the incidents on the basis of the responses they require, rather than by characteristics of the attack method or their security impacts alone.

Papadaki M, Furnell SM, Lines BL, Reynolds PL