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Transparent Authentication Systems for Mobile Device Security: A Review
Alotaibi S, Furnell SM, Clarke NL
10th International Conference for Internet Technology and Secured Transactions (ICITST), 14-16 Dec, pp. 406-413, 2015
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Sensitive data such as text messages, contact lists, and personal information are stored on mobile devices. This makes authentication of paramount importance. More security is needed on mobile devices since, after point-of-entry authentication, the user can perform almost all tasks without having to re-authenticate. For this reason, many authentication methods have been suggested to improve the security of mobile devices in a transparent and continuous manner, providing a basis for convenient and secure user re-authentication. This paper presents a comprehensive analysis and literature review on transparent authentication systems for mobile device security. This review indicates a need to investigate when to authenticate the mobile user by focusing on the sensitivity level of the application, and understanding whether a certain application may require a protection or not.

Alotaibi S, Furnell SM, Clarke NL