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Towards privacy for ambient assisted living in a hybrid cloud environment
Kuijs H, Reich C, Knahl MH, Clarke NL
Proceedings of the 2nd Baden-Württemberg Center of Applied Research Symposium on Information and Communication Systems - SInCom 2015, pp41-45; ISBN 978-3-00-051859-1, 2015

Ambient Assisted Living (AAL) introduces technology in the living environment of elderly people to support them in their daily life and to prevent emergency situations. This is done by the use of middleware-systems that have to be installed in a user’s home. Recent projects consider cloud platforms as more cost effective and flexible for delivering services for AAL. In this paper we present the status of research for a privacy preserving way of delivering services through a Platform as a Service in a hybrid cloud environment. Commonly used concepts are transferred to our platform approach and particular differences are presented.

Kuijs H, Reich C, Knahl MH, Clarke NL