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QoE Enhancements in IEEE 802.11e EDCA for Video Transmission through Selective Queueing
Khambari MBM, Ghita BV, Lancaster D, Sun L
Proceedings of the Eleventh International Network Conference (INC 2016), Frankfurt, Germany, July 19-21, pp85-90, ISBN: 978-1-84102-410-3, 2016
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This paper proposes a set of performance enhancements techniques aiming to improve the perceived performance of video transmission across the IEEE 802.11e network. The proposed mechanism preserves the video Quality of Experience (QoE) by protecting the I-Frames transmitted as part of the Group of Pictures (GoP) during queue congestion. The method is evaluated using the NS-3 simulator with the Evalvid module and the results demonstrate the video flows will have better Peak Signal to Noise ratio (PSNR) and less video frame drops compared to the original IEEE 802.11e queueing.

Khambari MBM, Ghita BV, Lancaster D, Sun L