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Assessing Staff Acceptance and Compliance with Information Security
Alotaibi T, Furnell SM
International Journal of Computing Academic Research (IJCAR), ISSN 2305-9184, Volume 5, Number 4 (August 2016), pp.195-201, 2016
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Despite the fact that management and decision makers have spent a great deal of money on protecting their
data from any possible attack, several have occurred. Moreover, security specialists often establish a welldesigned
security policy. This research investigates the field of assessing staff acceptance and compliance
with information security. Thus, significant factors influencing compliance are investigated and prioritised
by this research. The study is conducted in a particular governmental organisation in Saudi Arabia. The
study sample is 111 respondents. In terms of the survey result, information security is influenced positively
by factors relating to certainty of control (94%), awareness programs (93%), sanctions (93%) and reward
(78%). However, the factor relating to trust between employees affects negatively by 45% on information

Alotaibi T, Furnell SM