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Software Defined Privacy
Kemmer F, Reich C, Knahl MH, Clarke NL
International Conference on High Performance Computing, Cloud Engineering Workshop (IC2EW), 2016 IEEE International Conference on, pp 25-39, Berlin, 4-8 April 2016, 2016
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Cloud Computing has been one of the most fascinating and influential technologies in recent years and has literally revolutionised the way we access computing resources by providing a virtually unlimited amount of resources instantaneously. Despite this seemingly amazing breakthrough, there are still some clouds on the horizon, preventing the paradigm from an even greater impact: While most technological issues are solved or nearly solved, two major areas still not only lack appropriate mitigations, but even a thorough understanding: Fear of privacy and security issues as well as a lack of control over own data remain the biggest obstacles towards a wider adoption of Cloud Computing. In this paper, we argue that existing solutions to protect users' privacy are not enough as they only focus on a single aspect at a time while being too complex. Instead, we present a novel concept called "Software Defined Privacy" which allows easy orchestration of existing tools to describe and enforce privacy requirements of an IaaS Cloud Customer.

Kemmer F, Reich C, Knahl MH, Clarke NL