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MaCRA: A Model-Based Framework for Maritime Cyber-Risk Assessment
Tam K, Jones K

In today's economy roughly 90% of all world trade is transported by seagoing vessels. Varying ship functionality, configuration, and cargo type have created a diverse set of specialized ships including, but not limited to, leisure passenger crafts, naval fleets, oil tankers, and cargo carriers. Whilst the global fleet utilizes a plethora of technology, the vast majority share similar systems for core functionalities such as navigation, communication, and propulsion. As existing risk models do not adequately represent the unique nature of cyber-threats in the maritime sector, this article introduces a model-based risk assessment framework which considers a ship’s technological vulnerabilities, potential attackers, and possible attacker incentives and impacts, with the intention of aiding operators, regulators, insurers, and crew in quantifying and mitigating maritime cyber-risks with optimal resource spending.

Tam K, Jones K