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Student-centred analytics: Putting analytics into the hands of students
Banyard C, Vasileiou I
Collaborative European Research Conference (CERC), Darmstadt, Germany, 29 March, 2019
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Learning Analytics is growing rapidly across Higher Education institutions across the globe. There are some software solutions to learning analytics which are mainly focusing on intervention, retention and resource allocation, driving institutions to collect and analyse data at an institutional level. Such data only provides a small window into a student and how they spend their time learning. Institutions link progression to specific interactions and neglect students self-study, any social factors and any individual learning needs. Therefore, this paper is looking at Learning Analytics and how data can help each student individually. To achieve this, the data should examine and analyse a student providing intuitive data that can be used to react and alter learning behaviour. The proposed solution is more than just contributing to a data-driven education system allowing students to add learning activities, set personal targets and interact with members of staff during sessions; this enhances students self-regulated learning skills and their engagement while providing a clearer picture of a students learning behaviour.

Banyard C, Vasileiou I