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Cybersecurity Education for Awareness and Compliance
Vasileiou I, Furnell SM
IGI Global, Hershey, PA, ISBN: 978-1-52257-847-5, 2019
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Cybersecurity Education for Awareness and Compliance explores frameworks and models for teaching cybersecurity literacy in order to deliver effective training and compliance to organizational staff so that they have a clear understanding of what security education is, the elements required to achieve it, and the means by which to link it to the wider goal of good security behavior. Split across four thematic sections (considering the needs of users, organizations, academia, and the profession, respectively), the chapters will collectively identify and address the multiple perspectives from which action is required. This book is ideally designed for IT consultants and specialist staff including chief information security officers, managers, trainers, and organizations.

Vasileiou I, Furnell SM