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Investigating Interaction of Audio and Video Quality as Perceived in Low-Cost Multimedia Conferencing Systems
Mued L, Lines BL, Furnell SM, Reynolds PL
Proceedings of the Third International Network Conference (INC 2002), Plymouth, UK, 16-18 July 2002, pp181-189, 2002
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This paper concentrates on investigating the interaction effect of the two media of audio and video. The study
shows a comprehensive evaluation of achievable audio and video quality undertaken based upon different sets of
impairments between audio and video, prior to transmission. Tests have been designed to investigate the impact
of audio only, video only and combination of both audio and video on perceived multimedia quality. The tests
have been conducted on two different task scenarios, i.e. passive communication (listening/viewing to ?talking
head?) and interactive communication (person to person). The research concentrates on quantifying the effects of
network impairments (packet loss) on perceived audio and video quality, as well as finding the psychological
effects or correlations between audio and video in multimedia applications. The results presented in this paper
show the strong interaction dependency between audio and video. It was justified that video has a unique benefit
on multimedia quality for its psychological effects. The findings also concluded that the sensory interactions, and
the attention given to a particular aspect of performance, are clearly content-dependent.

Mued L, Lines BL, Furnell SM, Reynolds PL