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Assessing the global accessibility of the Internet
Ngini CU, Furnell SM, Ghita BV
Internet Research, vol. 12, no. 4, pp329-338, 2002
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Although the Internet is recognised as having significant and beneficial
impacts upon many aspects of life for both organisations and individuals,
previous studies have identified significant disparity in the levels of
Internet access availability in different countries, particularly in
developing nations. This paper presents the findings of an investigation
into Internet connectivity and usage in different countries, in an attempt
to determine the extent of Internet access, and whether the availability of
such technology is considered to be beneficial.

This research considers indicators such as available technology
infrastructure and access costs, in order to identify the varying
limitations that may be faced in different countries across continents. In
addition, the opinions of individuals were sought regarding their typical
access methods and level of Internet access, typical services utilized, and
the general impact Internet has had upon their activities. A web-based
questionnaire was used to elicit comments from 152 respondents from 19
countries, yielding preliminary statistical data to enable the assessment of
Internet usage in different countries. Although the results illustrate
aspects of the ?digital divide? (whereby some countries have better
developed access and connectivity infrastructures than others, as well as a
more sophisticated range of Internet uses), they also show a uniform
acceptance of the benefits of the Internet, irrespective of technological

Ngini CU, Furnell SM, Ghita BV