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Biometric Authentication for Mobile Devices
Clarke NL, Furnell SM, Reynolds PL
Proceedings of the 3rd Australian Information Warfare and
Security Conference, Perth, Western Australia, 28-29 November 2002, pp61-69, 2002
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Mobile devices have found an important place in modern society, with hundreds of millions currently in use. The majority of these use inherently weak authentication mechanisms, based upon passwords and PINs, which can potentially be compromised and thereby allow attackers access to the device and its stored data. A need for stronger authentication is identified and the discussion considers the application of various biometrics to a mobile platform. The feasibility of one such approach, that of keystroke dynamics, is examined, revealing promising results ? with individual performances of 0% false rejection rate and 1.3% false acceptance rate being observed. However, higher overall error rates of 15% lead to the proposal of a hybrid, non-intrusive approach to authentication.

Clarke NL, Furnell SM, Reynolds PL