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An Expert System for Health Care Data Security : A Conceptual Outline
Furnell SM, Sanders P, Stockel CT
Proceedings of NNESMED 94 - International Conference on Neural Networks & Expert Systems in Medicine and Healthcare, Plymouth, England, pp346-352, August, 1994
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Information systems security is now an important consideration in modern health care establishments (HCEs), given their increased reliance on information technology in both direct care and administration activities. The paper outlines the basic framework and functions of an expert system tool to assist with the specification and selection of security countermeasures in HCEs. The discussion is based upon a generic protection methodology that has been developed as a means of categorising existing medical information systems according to predetermined protection 'profiles' and identifying their security requirements. It is envisaged that the incorporation of this method within an expert system framework could potentially enhance countermeasure selection and allow requirements to be established by non-professionals.

The content is based upon work initiated as part of the Commission of European Communities SEISMED (Secure Environment for Information Systems in MEDicine) project, the aim of which is to provide security recommendations for European Health Care Establishments (HCEs)

Furnell SM, Sanders P, Stockel CT