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Interpolation of Packet Loss and Lip Sync Error on IP Media
Mued L, Lines BL, Furnell SM
Proceedings Volume V, International Conference on Computer, Communication and Control Technologies (CCCT?03), Orlando, USA, 31 July - 2 August, 2003
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The work presented in this paper, outlines the test conducted to investigate the important factors that define the percieved multimedia quality in desktop videoconferencing, such as packet loss, delays and lip synchronisation (lip sync). The work focuses upon investigating the effects of lip sync as well as packet loss, on the perceived quality of audio only, video only and audiovideo overall, using the subjective test method, known as Mean Opinion Score (MOS). The test has been design based upon five (5) different categories as explained in the Experimental Design and Method section. The results obtained from the experiments are presented in the Result section, followed by the discussion of the findings, in the subsequent heading. The study has suggested that, the subjects were less susceptible to poor video and, hence lip sync while engaged in the interactive communication, as opposed to the passive communication. Therefore, different task performed by end user required different level of multimedia quality. It is also concluded that the perceived quality of one media (e.g. audio or video), interacts and influences the perception of the other.

Mued L, Lines BL, Furnell SM