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The use of Keystroke Analysis for Continuous User Identity Verification and Supervision
Furnell SM, Sanders P, Stockel CT
Proceedings of MEDIACOMM 95 - International Conference on Multimedia Communications, Southampton, UK, pp189-193, 11-12 April, 1995
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The paper proposes the concept of dynamic keystroke analysis as a means of enhancing user authentication in modern information systems. Whilst existing password-based schemes normally rely upon a single authentication judgement, the use of keystroke analysis would allow supervision to occur continuously throughout user sessions. In addition, the concept may be implemented transparently, so as not to unnecessarily interrupt user activity. These points make it suitable for application in modern, user-friendly contexts such as multimedia.

The theoretical discussion is supported by the findings of an experimental study mounted within out group using 26 typists and a prototype authentication system. The results demonstrate considerable success, with an impostor detection rate of 85%. However, a number of potential problems identified in the discussion suggest that keystroke analysis would be best implemented alongside other supervision techniques rather than as a standalone system

Furnell SM, Sanders P, Stockel CT