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The Adoption of Criminal
Profiling for Computer Crime

Preuss J, Furnell SM, Lea S
EICAR 2004 Conference CD-rom: Best Paper Proceedings, 2004
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This paper discusses ongoing research in relation to the adoption of criminal profiling for computer crimes. It begins by introducing the concepts of psychological, behavioural or criminal profiling used in traditional crime, discussing methods such as inductive reasoning or deductive reasoning, and then proceeds to outline computer forensic methods, which may be used to examine computer systems after an incident. It also discusses the possibilities and problems analysing network activities. The paper suggests how the methods of criminal profiling can be adopted for computer crime incidents, as an assistance of the investigations of law enforcement agencies against hackers, and other criminals who focus upon the computer to commit their crimes. To this end, the discussion presents a top-level mapping of behavioural evidence analysis within a computing context.

Preuss J, Furnell SM, Lea S