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Secure Multimedia Systems in Healthcare and Medicine
Furnell SM, Salmons NJ, Sanders P, Stockel CT, Warren MJ
Proceedings of MEDIACOMM 95 - International Conference on Multimedia Communications, Southampton, UK, pp103-107, 11-12 April, 1995
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The aim of this paper is to examine the increasing potential for applying multimedia technology within the medical community. Multimedia is considered to be a particularly appropriate means for information delivery within Healthcare Establishments (HCEs), especially for that relating to patient care, and the paper considers the principal advantages in this area. The discussion then proceeds to highlight the fact that adoption of multimedia dictates new requirements for information security and, by the nature of the technology involved, also allows new approaches to be explored. On this premise, the outline of a security strategy for future multimedia healthcare networks is proposed. The discussion is supported by an example scenario and a brief examination of our own research groups efforts in this area.

Furnell SM, Salmons NJ, Sanders P, Stockel CT, Warren MJ