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User Authentication by Service Utilisation Profiling
Aupy A, Clarke NL
Proceedings of the ISOneWorld 2005, Las Vegas, USA, 30 March - 1 April, 2005
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In the age of the information society, computer security has become of vital importance in order to
maintain the integrity of a system. Many organisations are enforcing new IT policies calling for better
security in an attempt to safeguard against misuse of resources and data. These IT polices are beginning
to utilise a range of technologies to provide front-line authentication of the user, including fingerprint
scanning and iris recognition. These technologies however only really assist in providing improved
point-of-entry security. This paper presents a novel authentication technique that is able to provide
transparent and continuous authentication of the user based upon the way in which a user interacts with
their computer ? which applications a person uses and when, and which websites a user browses for
instance. Through the application of neural networks, results are very encouraging with an overall
Equal Error Rate (EER) of 7%.

Aupy A, Clarke NL