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Behavioural Profiling In Wireless Networks
Zincir I, Furnell SM, Phippen AD
Proceedings of the 5th Annual Postgraduate Conference PGNet 2004, 28-29 June, Liverpool, UK, pp128-133, 2004
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In the last 10 years, mobile devices have become an important part of daily life of everyone. We use them in a wide variety of applications from basic phone telephony through to a variety of m-commerce scenarios. Not only they provide mobile communication at anytime anywhere, they also enable us to browse the net, to use it like a credit card, etc. Since the information is transmitted through radio frequencies instead of cables, they require much more protection than the wired ones. This paper presents a different solution to this problem: behavioural profiling. We believe creating user profiles and then comparing them with the real-time ones will help us to detect malicious activity in wireless networks. The paper proposes a basic architecture to support profiling approach.

Zincir I, Furnell SM, Phippen AD