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The use of Simulation in Computer-based Security Systems
Furnell SM, Sanders P, Stockel CT
Proceedings of SCSC ?95 - 1995 Summer Computer Simulation Conference, Ottawa, Canada, 24-26 July, 1995
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The aim of this paper is to examine the applicability of simulation
techniques to the testing and evaluation of computer security systems.
Attention is specifically focused upon a relatively new area of security,
namely advanced user authentication and supervision systems that are able to
detect intrusions in real-time, based upon the comparison of user activities
to predetermined behaviour profiles. The discussion is supported by the
examination of a prototype monitoring system, based upon a simulation of the
real-time analysis of user's typing characteristics. The paper also
considers a number of inherent problems in simulating the operation of a
security system.

Furnell SM, Sanders P, Stockel CT