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Simulation of a multimedia patient records system
Salmons NJ, Furnell SM, Sanders P, Stockel CT
Proceedings of SCSC ?95 - 1995 Summer Computer Simulation Conference, Ottawa, Canada, 24-26 July, 1995
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The paper highlights the need for, and benefits of using, simulation during
the development and implementation of modern healthcare systems. Whilst
healthcare establishments already utilise information systems in a wide
variety of disciplines, the majority of systems are currently isolated, with
patient records largely based upon manual methods. As such, it is envisaged
that the establishment of composite, multimedia-based patient records would
considerably aid care delivery. After a brief discussion of the advantages
that this would bring, the paper proceeds to highlight how simulation can be
employed to aid system design and development in a number of areas
(including the user interface, records structure, security, networking
requirements and the profiling of future application demands). The
discussion is based upon work currently being conducted by the authors
within a practical research project.

Salmons NJ, Furnell SM, Sanders P, Stockel CT