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A Security Infrastructure for Cross-Domain Deployment of Script-Based Business Processes in SOC Environments
Fischer KP, Bleimann U, Fuhrmann W, Furnell SM
Proceedings of Fifth International Network Conference (INC 2005), July 5-7, Samos, Greece, pp207-216, 2005
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This paper addresses security aspects arising in service oriented computing (SOC) when scripts written in a standardized scripting language such as WS-BPEL (formerly: BPEL4WS or BPEL for short), BPML, XPDL, WSCI in order to implement business processes on top of Web services are deployed across security domain boundaries. It proposes an infrastructure and methods for checking the scripts deployed, prior to execution, for compliance with security policies effective at the domain in which a remotely developed script-based business process is to be executed.

Fischer KP, Bleimann U, Fuhrmann W, Furnell SM