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ODESSA - Intelligent Healthcare Security Risk Assessment
Warren MJ, Furnell SM, Sanders P
Proceedings of 2nd International Conference on Neural Networks and Expert Systems in Medicine and Healthcare (NNESMED 96), Plymouth, UK, 28-30 August, 1996
This paper is not currently available. Please refer to paper number 33 - "ODESSA - A New Approach to Healthcare Risk Analysis"

In many Health Care Establishments (HCEs) there is an increasing dependency upon computer systems and the data contained within them. The importance of this data dictates that computer systems have to be properly protected.

This paper describes a methodology that can be used for the process of implementing security and determining the problems that could occur during the implementation stage. This discussion also describes a working prototype that has been developed to support the method, including screen shots to illustrate its operation.

Warren MJ, Furnell SM, Sanders P