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Approaches to security in healthcare multimedia systems
Furnell SM, Salmons NJ, Sanders P, Stockel CT, Warren MJ
Proceedings of IFIP TC-6 and TC-11 Joint working Conference on Communications and Multimedia Security, Essen, Germany, pp25-35, 23-24 September, 1996

This paper examines the need for security in modern healthcare applications and, in particular, the considerations that arise from the use of multimedia. Whilst multimedia is particularly advantageous for information delivery within Healthcare Establishments (HCEs), its adoption introduces some new requirements for information security. The paper presents the outline of a security strategy for future healthcare multimedia systems and networks and also highlights some new opportunities that may be offered by the technologies involved. The discussion is supported by an examination of the approach taken in the POSEIDON system, a prototype multimedia patient record systems that is being developed within our research group in conjunction with a local HCE. This describes aspects of both the underlying analysis strategy and the system implementation, with particular reference to how security is being realised.

Furnell SM, Salmons NJ, Sanders P, Stockel CT, Warren MJ