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User Authentication for Mobile Devices: A Composite Approach
Clarke NL, Furnell SM
Proceedings of the 6th Australian Information Warfare and Security Conference, Geelong, Australia, 25-26 November, pp48-56, 2005
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With the ever-increasing functionality and services accessible via mobile telephones, there is a strong argument that the level of user authentication implemented on the devices should be extended beyond the Personal Identification Number (PIN) that has traditionally been used. This paper proposes the use of more advanced biometric methods as an alternative, and proceeds to explain how, through the use of a portfolio of authentication techniques it is possible to provide a robust, accurate and transparent authentication mechanism for mobile devices. An Intelligent Authentication Management System (IAMS) is proposed that provides a continuous confidence level in the identity of the user, removing access to sensitivity services and information with low confidence levels and providing automatic access with higher confidence levels.

Clarke NL, Furnell SM