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Computer abuse : Vandalising the information society
Furnell SM, Warren MJ
Internet Research, vol. 7, no.1, pp61-66, 1996
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Examines the damaging effects that malicious computer abuse, such as hacking
and viruses, can have on the development of an information-based society.
Computing and telecommunications technologies are a key ingredient in the
realization of this society, but are increasingly the targets of criminals
and mischief makers. Highlights the apparent escalation in computer-abuse
incidents, as illustrated by a number of recent surveys, and examines the
effects that these may have on the public perception of technology (and,
hence, the smooth transition to the information society). Also presents
some broad recommendations regarding what can be done to address the
problem. This considers both technical measures to help safeguard systems
and revised attitudes to computer abuse, to insure that incidents can be
dealt with more effectively.

Furnell SM, Warren MJ