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A Two-Tier Intrusion Detection System for Mobile Ad Hoc Networks – A Friend Approach
Razak SA, Furnell SM, Clarke NL, Brooke PJ
Proceedings of the IEEE International Conference on Intelligence and Security Informatics Conference (ISI 2006), San Diego, CA, USA, pp590-595, May 23-24, 2006
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Existing Intrusion Detection Systems (IDS) in Mobile Ad Hoc Network (MANET) environments suffer from many problems because of the inherent characteristics of the network. Limited audit data, along with the problems faced in achieving global detection and response mechanisms, creates challenges for establishing reliable IDS for MANETs. In this paper, several scenarios are investigated where a ‘friend’ concept has been applied to solve MANET problems. This same concept is applied to a new IDS framework, and discussion is presented into how it can help in minimizing the problems that are faced in existing IDS. The key advantages of this two-tier IDS framework are its ability to detect intrusion at an early stage of such behaviour in the network, and its capability to minimize the impact of colluding blackmail attackers in the systems.

Razak SA, Furnell SM, Clarke NL, Brooke PJ