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Enhancing Privacy Through Anonymous Recommendation for Multi-Dimensional-Personalisation
Schilke SW, Furnell SM, Bleimann U, Phippen AD
Proceedings of the 5th Security Conference, April 19-20, Las Vegas, USA, ISBN: 0-9772107-2-3, 2006
Full proceedings available here.
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<p>The growing availability of "Location-based Services" for mobile phones is a new target for the use of personalisation. "Location-based Services" are information, e.g., about restaurants, hotels or shopping malls with offers which are in close range / short distance to the user. The lack of acceptance for such services in the past is based on the fact that early implementations required the user to pull the information from the service provider. A more promising approach is to actively push information to the user. This information must be from interest to the user and has to reach the user at the right time and at the right place.</p>
<p>This raises new requirements on personalisation which will go far beyond the requirements to day. It will reach out from personalisation based only on the interest of the user. Besides the interest the enhanced personalisation has to cover the location and movement patterns, the usage and the past, present and future schedule of the user. This new personalisation paradigm has to protect the users privacy so that an approach supporting anonymous recommendations through a Chinese Wall will be described.</p>

Schilke SW, Furnell SM, Bleimann U, Phippen AD