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Non-Intrusive Security Arrangements to support Terminal and Personal Mobility
Furnell SM, Green M, Hope S, Morrissey JP, Reynolds PL
Proceedings of EUROMEDIA 96, London, UK, pp167-171, 19-21 December, 1996
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This paper examines the requirements for subscriber security and authentication mechanisms to support modern telecommunications services involving terminal and personal mobility. In both cases, transparent and non-intrusive techniques are desirable so as to minimise inconvenience. However, appropriate approaches vary depending upon the type of mobility involved. It is suggested that terminal mobility devices may lend themselves to a variety of handset-specific approaches. This discussion is supported by an examination of how the issue has been addressed by Orange, a leading player in the UK cellular communications market. By contrast, personal mobility calls for a highly generic software-based approach which is suitable to many types of terminal. The paper proposes the concept of keystroke analysis to authenticate users by the way that they key in their personal identifiers. This aspect is supported by summarised results from two keystroke analysis studies that have been conducted by members of the research team.

Furnell SM, Green M, Hope S, Morrissey JP, Reynolds PL