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Assessing the usability of WLAN security for SOHO users
Ghita BV, Furnell SM
Proceedings of the Fifth Security Conference 2006, Las Vegas, USA, 19-20 April, CD Proceedings Only, 2006
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Wireless technologies provide the basis for a constantly increasing percentage of current Small Office/Home Office (SOHO) networks, particularly due to the connectivity and setup convenience that they can offer. Unfortunately, the security considerations counterbalance the connectivity advantages, as default settings for wireless access points often provide no encryption or network protection. This study assesses a number of wireless access points and highlights that although the devices may incorporate appropriate security functionality, users may face difficulties when attempting to understand and configure the related features. The causes here are often a lack of accompanying explanation and guidance, as well as confusing presentation of options at the user interface level. As such, it is concluded that usability factors may represent practical obstacles to the deployment of appropriately secured wireless networks.

Ghita BV, Furnell SM