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Assessing the usability of system-initiated and user-initiated security events
Furnell SM, Chatziapostolou D
Proceedings of the ISOneWorld Conference, Las Vegas, USA, April 11-13, CD Proceedings (0-9772107-6-6), 2007
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The increasing deployment of security-oriented software, as well as the inclusion of related functionality within general tools and applications, means that end-users are increasingly likely to encounter security-related events. However, the way in which security is conveyed can often serve to complicate matters, which may ultimately prevent users from using security as they desire or expect. This paper presents the results from an initial study involving 26 endusers in order to assess the extent to which system- and user-initiated security events occur during their day-to-day use of their system, and the extent to which these events are understood. The results expose issues of difficulties on the security events, with more intense when actually end users make use of security intentionally.

Furnell SM, Chatziapostolou D