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Perceptions of User Authentication on Mobile Devices
Karatzouni S, Furnell SM, Clarke NL, Botha RA
Proceedings of the ISOneWorld Conference, Las Vegas, USA, April 11-13, CD Proceedings (0-9772107-6-6), 2007
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The increasing range of data and services accessible from mobile devices, such as cellphones and PDAs, leads to questions about the adequacy of security provision, particularly in relation to authentication of the user. In this context, this paper describes the findings from a focus group that was conducted to examine four research questions: whether users recognise a need for security on their current devices; how they perceive the current authentication facilities, and whether they use them; whether they envisage a need for greater security provision in the future; and their perceptions of alternative authentication methods and the ways in which they could operate. The overall results showed that users envisage a need for enhanced security as their usage of the device changes to incorporate more sensitive functions. Furthermore, from the options discussion, a preference towards the use of biometric authentication was expressed by the majority of the participants.

Karatzouni S, Furnell SM, Clarke NL, Botha RA