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Addressing the problem of data security in healthcare information systems
Furnell SM, Sanders P, Warren MJ
Proceedings of HC97: Current Perspectives in Healthcare Computing 1997 Part 1, Harrogate, UK, pp55-62, 17-19 March, 1997
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With the increasing use of information technology at all levels of the healthcare environment, this paper identifies the need for appropriate security guidance and awareness to protect the various information systems involved. An overview of two European projects (namely AIM SEISMED and Health Telematics ISHTAR) is given, describing the work that has been done to develop and promote healthcare security issues. This has specifically included the development of a range of security guidelines and the establishment of a world-wide web service to support dissemination and awareness activities.

The discussion also identifies that any security mechanisms adopted must be workable within the financial and operational constraints of the healthcare environment. It is concluded that information security will be increasingly vital to ensure the peace of mind of healthcare staff and patients. However, whilst the work described provides a solid foundation for building protection, the co-operation of individual establishments will ultimately be required to achieve success.

Furnell SM, Sanders P, Warren MJ