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Assessing staff attitudes towards information security in a European healthcare establishment
Furnell SM, Gaunt PN, Holben RF, Sanders P, Stockel CT, Warren MJ
Medical Informatics, vol. 21, no. 2, pp105-112, 1997
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Information security is now recognised as an important consideration in modern healthcare establishments (HCEs), with a variety of guidelines and standards currently available to enable the environments to be properly protected. However, financial and operational constraints often exist which influence the practicality of these recommendations.

This paper establishes that the staff culture of the organisation is of particular importance in determining the level and types of security that will be accepted. This culture will be based upon staff awareness of and attitudes towards security and it is, therefore, important to have a clear idea of what these attitudes are. To this end, two surveys have been conducted within a reference environment to establish the attitudes of general users and technical staff, allowing the results to be fed back to HCE management to enable security policy to be appropriately defined. These results indicated that, although the establishment had participated in a European healthcare security initiative, staff attitudes and awareness were still weak in some areas.

Furnell SM, Gaunt PN, Holben RF, Sanders P, Stockel CT, Warren MJ