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Building a Trusted Community for Mobile Ad Hoc Networks Using Friend Recommendation
Razak SA, Furnell SM, Clarke NL, Brooke PJ
Ad-Hoc, Mobile, and Wireless Networks, LNCS, vol: 4686/2007, pp129-141, 2007
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The success of authentication mechanisms, intrusion detection and response systems, and other security measures to protect MANET from attack are very much dependant on nodes’ cooperation. Ensuring a node’s cooperation is very challenging in a MANET environment because of the nature of such a network; consisting of a set of anonymous nodes that operate independently, without the existence of a central authority to enforce them to cooperate. One of the solutions for this problem is by creating a trust chain between nodes to create a trusted community. This paper discusses some of the existing studies that have been proposed to overcome this issue and proposes a novel trust framework based upon a friendship concept. Results from simulation experiments proved that the proposed trust framework is capable of creating a trusted community in MANET, whilst at the same time addressing limitations of existing trust frameworks.

Razak SA, Furnell SM, Clarke NL, Brooke PJ