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Network Security Audit
Liu D, Ghita BV
Advances in Network & Communication Engineering 3, pp39-47, 2006
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With the increase of broadband connections users, the number of home computers has increased importantly. As a consequence security issues have gained in importance in this domain. Most of these new computer users are novice and do not have the knowledge to understand exactly the repercussion of their actions in term of security on their machines. Software companies have developed several products to protect these stand alone computers. Some of them are designed to produce security audits which evaluate the security risk of the Personal Computer (PC).

Unfortunately, even with these audit programs, users do not become aware of the danger they can face on Internet. This project has developed a security audit tool which is intended for novice computer users. This tool’s objective is to evaluate the materiel security level and the behaviour security risk of the user. Moreover, to be sure of the users’ understanding, this tool also contains some explanation and demonstration elements, which show them how a malicious person can exploit their lack of prudence.

Liu D, Ghita BV