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Resource Adaptation in the TINA Service Environment
Evans MP, Phippen AD, Furnell SM, Reynolds PL
Proceedings of Fourth Communications Networks Symposium, Manchester, UK, 7-8 July, 1997

Developments in the telecommunications industry have traditionally been based upon single technological solutions, such as ISDN (Integrated Services Digital Network), GSM (Global System for Mobile communications) and IN (Intelligent Networks). Each technology was designed for a specific service and comprised intelligent elements that could implement it across the network without relying on external control. In contrast, the future of telecommunications is moving towards networks of dumb elements, overlaid with a service environment that separates control from transport. As such, the network elements become simple resources, with all their control resident within the service environment. The paper introduces the research being conducted in the field by the Network Research Group.

Evans MP, Phippen AD, Furnell SM, Reynolds PL