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User Awareness of Biometrics
Edmonds BJ, Furnell SM
Advances in Network & Communication Engineering 4, ISBN: 978-1-84102-180-5, pp30-37, 2007
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Biometric technologies are slowly becoming more commonplace although their growth has not been as fast as some have predicted. There is a stigma attached to biometrics in that people have concerns over their usage. It may be that they fear what people may do with their personal biometric data or it may be that they do not like the intrusive nature of the devices. A user-trial was proposed to investigate user awareness of biometrics, in order to determine what the general public know about biometrics and their use. Five biometric devices were chosen with regards to public availability and cost: Fingerprint recognition, Iris recognition, Facial recognition, Signature recognition and Voice/Speech recognition. Thirty participants were asked to answer questions before and after using the devices in order to gain an opinion of the technology. Fingerprint recognition was found to be the most favoured of the technologies, whereas Voice/Speech and Signature were the least liked.

Edmonds BJ, Furnell SM