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A comprehensive authentication and supervision architecture for networked multimedia systems
Furnell SM, Illingworth HM, Katsikas SK, Reynolds PL, Sanders P
Proceedings of IFIP CMS 97, Athens, Greece, pp227-238, 22-23 September, 1997
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The paper identifies the need for improved user authentication and supervision techniques within local security domains. Whilst there are now appropriate standards for the security of inter-domain operations, authentication of the users within them is often still reliant upon measures that are open to compromise and which provide no safeguard against system misuse.

The discussion presents an overview of various potential authentication and supervision techniques (largely based upon a combination of physiological and behavioural biometrics), discussing the relative advantages and disadvantages of each from an implementation perspective.

The discussion then proceeds to consider how these approaches may be integrated into a comprehensive architecture for user and system supervision entitled IMS (Intrusion Monitoring System). The conceptual approach of this system is described, with details of the functional modules involved and the intended operation of the monitoring process.

The paper concludes by considering how the supervision approach would be integrated into a wider security framework, involving inter-domain operation and Trusted Third Party (TTP) certification.

Furnell SM, Illingworth HM, Katsikas SK, Reynolds PL, Sanders P