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Web-Based Risk Analysis and Education for Home Users
Marston J, Clarke NL
Advances in Network & Communication Engineering 4, ISBN: 978-1-84102-180-5, pp89-99, 2007
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Broadband Internet access is now widely available to home users, providing better data transfer rates than dial-up Internet access. However this improvement in technology comes at a price with home users at an increased risk of unauthorised access to their resources and information as a result of the ‘always on’ nature of Broadband. These new risks mean that there is a need to provide a web-based risk analysis tool specifically for home users that overcome the problems associated with the current standards and techniques available which require expertise in security and risk analysis are oriented towards organisations and may be prohibitively expensive.

The tool proposed in this paper is designed around the relevant sections of the ISO17799 standard. The advantage of this is that it is based on an industry wide standard that has been adapted specifically to the home user. The standard indicates why various security controls are required but does not indicate how to implement them. The tool provides this implementation information along with advice on secure working practices and also serves as an educational tool.

Marston J, Clarke NL