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Internet information browsing using GSM data communications : A benchmarking study
Liljeberg M, Furnell SM, Raatikainen K, Furnell SM
Proceedings of ACTS Mobile Communication Summit 97, Aalborg, Denmark, vol 2, pp876-881, ISBN Number 87-985750-5-8, 7-10 October, 1997

The paper presents details of a technology trial that was conducted as a means of benchmarking the current state of the art in mobile data services. This trial was based around the use of GSM (Global System for Mobile communications) terminals in a hypermedia information browsing scenario. The paper discusses the main findings, in terms of the current use and limitations of the mobile communications technology. It then goes on to explain what enhancements are necessary to effectively support such applications. The results represent an important stage in determining the areas that the Service Machine architecture must seek to address. The paper is based upon work that has been conducted as part of the ongoing activities of the ACTS DOLMEN (Service Machine Development for an Open Long-term Mobile and Fixed Network Environment) project.

Liljeberg M, Furnell SM, Raatikainen K, Furnell SM