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Security Technologies: Why are they not used correctly?
Al-Tawqi M, Furnell SM
Advances in Network & Communication Engineering 4, ISBN: 978-1-84102-180-5, pp164-172, 2007
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It is a fact that security technologies suffer usability difficulties, with prior studies revealing that end-users are not able to correctly use security technologies as a result of difficulties arising from complexity of design and mis-presentation of security features. In this aspect, this research presents the findings of an interview study conducted amongst over 75 end-users to explore the reasons behind such behavior, where known applications (Windows XP, Word, Internet Explore and e-mails & passwords) were used as examples. The findings revealed that participants were keen to show their wide awareness of security usefulness, with 87% of them using antivirus software, but with only 34% updating them either daily or weekly. It was also revealed that more than 57% of the participants disagreed that it is very easy to use software security features, while more than 60% disagreed that understanding the security features in software is easy. The roots of the problem were attributed to the complexity and unfriendly nature of the software, which require urgent moves from designers to simplify their security products.

Al-Tawqi M, Furnell SM