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New Possibilities for the Provision of Value-Added Services in SIP-Based Peer-To-Peer Networks
Lehmann A, Fuhrmann W, Trick U, Ghita BV
Proceedings of the Fourth Collaborative Research Symposium on Security, E-learning, Internet and Networking (SEIN 2008), Wrexham, UK, ISBN: 978-1-84102-196-6, pp166-175, 2008
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Service provisioning in future telecommunication networks, especially value-added services, is becoming more and more important. As a result providers will have to distinguish themselves sharply from their competitors. Newest insights based on the research of peer-to-peer networks will present an easy way to service provisioning. Furthermore this paper will present a solution for service discovery and the reuse of still existing services. These solutions are still the basis for future work which will have the goal to create a framework which will provide also the composition of new services in peer-to-peer networks.

Lehmann A, Fuhrmann W, Trick U, Ghita BV