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Selection of QoS Monitoring Points in a New QoS Control Framework for SIP-Based NGN
Weber F, Fuhrmann W, Trick U, Bleimann U, Ghita BV
Proceedings of the Fourth Collaborative Research Symposium on Security, E-learning, Internet and Networking (SEIN 2008), Wrexham, UK, ISBN: 978-1-84102-196-6, pp176-185, 2008
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This paper introduces a concept for the selection of QoS (Quality of Service) monitoring points in SIP-based NGN (Session Initiation Protocol; Next Generation Networks). It is assumed that the majority of effects influencing the QoS of a single media session (such as a VoIP session (Voice over IP)) also has an effect on the QoS experienced by coexistent media sessions held by other subscribers under similar conditions (such as if subscribers share the same access network, and comparable access and session parameters). An Artificial Neural Network is intended to be used for determining the comparability of sessions, and hence, of user terminals, regarding their QoS conditions. User terminals affected by comparable QoS conditions are dynamically assigned to virtual groups, each representing the QoS conditions effective for its respective members. Hence, from monitoring network performance parameters at one terminal associated with a particular group, conclusions can be drawn on the QoS experienced by other group members. In order to minimise the network traffic resulting from both the querying for and the communication of QoS conditions experienced by user terminals the concept does not only consider the time already elapsed of a session to be potentially monitored but also the mean duration of sessions held by the subscriber associated with a potential monitoring point.

Weber F, Fuhrmann W, Trick U, Bleimann U, Ghita BV