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Deployment of Keystroke Analysis on a Smartphone
Buchoux A, Clarke NL
Proceedings of the 6th Australian Information Security & Management Conference, 1-3 December, Perth, Australia, 2008
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The current security on mobile devices is often limited to the Personal Identification Number (PIN), a secret-knowledge based technique that has historically demonstrated to provide ineffective protection from misuse. Unfortunately, with the increasing capabilities of mobile devices, such as online banking and shopping, the need for more effective protection is imperative. This study proposes the use of two-factor authentication as an enhanced technique for authentication on a Smartphone. Through utilising secret-knowledge and keystroke analysis, it is proposed a stronger more robust mechanism will exist. Whilst keystroke analysis using mobile devices have been proven effective in experimental studies, these studies have only utilised the mobile device for capturing samples rather than the more computationally challenging task of performing the actual authentication. Given the limited processing capabilities of mobile devices, this study focuses upon deploying keystroke analysis to a mobile device utilising numerous pattern classifiers. Given the trade-off with computation versus performance, the results demonstrate that the statistical classifiers are the most effective.

Buchoux A, Clarke NL