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Electronic Commerce : Winners and Losers
Warren MJ, Furnell SM
Proceedings of the first International Network Conference 1998 (INC 98), Plymouth, UK, pp197-202, 6-9 July, 1998
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Electronic commerce is considered to represent one of the next key stages in the development of the Internet, offering the potential to establish a truly global marketplace. However, barriers to success can be identified at two specific levels. Firstly, certain technological and legislative issues (e.g. acceptable levels of security) must be agreed at an international level before a harmonised framework can be established. Secondly, developing countries are at a disadvantage in terms of having little or no control over the development of electronic commerce or the Internet in general. As such, they require assistance in equipping themselves to participate. This paper examines the issues and concludes that resolutions must be found before the desired global electronic market can be realised.

Warren MJ, Furnell SM